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This stunning creature, both beautiful and deadly, has arrived from the realm of the Fae in order to help their lesser brethren keep peace. Like her distant cousin Aeldiskaa, Esseirt'u has been groomed from birth for this post.

Diplomatic Corps

Esseirt'u represents Sprites and High Elves in the Diplomatic Corps.

Quest Clues

Level 10

Esseirt'u asks 'Doom and despair, whatever shall I do?'
Esseirt'u asks 'Are you the one I have been waiting for?'
Esseirt'u says 'Someone stole my hat but I don't know who,'
Esseirt'u says 'No spells can I cast now or ever more.'
Esseirt'u says 'I must have it back - please go get my hat.'
Esseirt'u says 'Of places to look there are more than three.'
Esseirt'u says 'It might be by the strongest sprite, that rat,'
Esseirt'u says 'Or in the sprite's circle named for a tree,'
Esseirt'u says 'Or look in the Baron's underground Court.'
Esseirt'u says 'Once you return here, bring it to the guard...'
Esseirt'u says 'Before that, find sprite fighters of the sort'
Esseirt'u says 'That protect the circle, though it be hard.'
Esseirt'u says 'The token from the guard, bring it to me,'
Esseirt'u says 'For then I will have a challenge for thee.'

Level 20

Esseirt'u says 'It's happened again, my hat's been stolen.'
Esseirt'u says 'This time I think I know who did this thing.'
Esseirt'u exclaims 'It is one of those stinking, filthy, Men!'
Esseirt'u exclaims 'Oh!  I'm so angry it makes my ears ring!'
Esseirt'u says 'Bring back my hat, give it to the guard here.'
Esseirt'u says 'For where to look, of hints I'll give you four:'
Esseirt'u says 'Elves in a swamp, where they are thralls, I fear.'
Esseirt'u says 'The king's books, a seeker of demon lore.'
Esseirt'u says 'Between the peaks lies great Spiriel Hall,'
Esseirt'u says 'Of bygone days when my people were kings.'
Esseirt'u says 'Elves now toil in slavery - What a fall,'
Esseirt'u exclaims 'To be forced to exist on Trog leavings!'
Esseirt'u says 'Bring the guard's token to me, don't be late,'
Esseirt'u says 'As we see what happens when you tempt fate.'

Level 30

Esseirt'u says 'A curse be on the thief of this hat of mine.'
Esseirt'u exclaims 'I know Bob's behind it, that wretched knave!'
Esseirt'u says 'I thought it was done, 'til now all was fine.'
Esseirt'u says 'a daring theft - he is foolish or brave.'
Esseirt'u says 'Four more clues I will give, to help you find'
Esseirt'u says 'This magical hat - and get your reward.'
Esseirt'u asks 'An elf with a mustache, doesn't he mind?'
Esseirt'u says 'Peaceful folk of the forest, long ignored.'
Esseirt'u says 'When giants and Ents fought in a great war'
Esseirt'u exclaims 'My people were slain - and now it's a lake!'
Esseirt'u says 'This forest holds bears, spiders, wolves, and more.'
Esseirt'u asks 'Many trails lead through, which path do you take?'
Esseirt'u says 'To the guard, my hat - to me, his token.'
Esseirt'u says 'Be swift in this, lest my plans be broken.'
Esseirt'u watches you impatiently after she has spoken.

Level 40

Esseirt'u says 'My hat's gone again, it keeps getting purloined.'
Esseirt'u says 'Bob's going to get it one of these days.'
Esseirt'u says 'To return with my hat you are enjoined.'
Esseirt'u says 'I must protect it, there have to be ways.'
Esseirt'u says 'You'll bring my hat to the guard at the door,'
Esseirt'u says 'But first I have to give you all the clues.'
Esseirt'u says 'The high drow kingdom, built in days of yore.'
Esseirt'u asks 'A prisoner in stone, which do you choose?'
Esseirt'u says 'Or perhaps try the Mead Brewer's abode,'
Esseirt'u says 'In the kitchen, where a dark elf works hard.'
Esseirt'u says 'Tortured landscape, that magic did corrode,'
Esseirt'u says 'Weeping willow's spirit, forever scarred.'
Esseirt'u says 'Bring me the token the guard gives to you,'
Esseirt'u says 'And I will reward you with what is due.'
Esseirt'u stares imperiously at you.

Level 50

Esseirt'u says 'By Kisestre, this is the end for Bob.'
Esseirt'u says 'It is time to stop the thefts of my hat.'
Esseirt'u says 'I can't help it, some may call me a snob,'
Esseirt'u exclaims 'But a human with my hat - can't have that!'
Esseirt'u says 'Three hints I have for you, so use them well.'
Esseirt'u says 'The guard here will accept my hat from you.'
Esseirt'u says 'First you must get it, then I'll cast a spell.'
Esseirt'u says 'Don't worry young one - we are almost through.'
Esseirt'u says 'Seek the small elves in a toymaker's shop,'
Esseirt'u says 'Or go to where the drow worship their dead.'
Esseirt'u says 'Beware the ettins, for you they might stop,'
Esseirt'u says 'A path through Tiamat's Teeth you must tread.'
Esseirt'u says 'It's the last time for this, so do I swear.'
Esseirt'u says 'One last challenge after this - if you dare.'
Esseirt'u pierces you with an impatient glare.


Area: Diplomatic Corps (Map).
Room: A mission from the mystical and mysterious (safe, cursed).

Areas by Level of DC

DC Number Areas
One The Carnival, Sarphyre's Court, Westwood Outlook, Oak Circle
Two Thrall Swamp, Mt Durr, Kingdom of the Willows, Igecsoz
Three Lake Triumph, Korred Grove, Zin's Hall of Oddities, Wildwood
Four Tortured Terrain, The Frozen Court, A House of Stone, Houses
Five The Abyss, Valley of the Sun, The Graves of Reveria

Walking route from Aelmon: 8n, 7w, [s], d, 2n, 2w, u, 3w, s